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Hello and welcome to my website! I am Angella Ricot, a published author, blogger and Youtuber. Call me a bit weird, but I enjoy psychic palm readings and always read the last page of the newspaper first. My pet name is ‘Tite Sœur (Baby Sis). No need to wonder who gave me this nickname. I was born an introvert who later became an ambivert after enough drills and rehearsals to exhibit extrovert behavior. I am also a philanthropist and a women’s rights activist whose vision is to live in a better world with equal rights for all. Please make yourself comfortable and feel free to browse my blog site, including my latest publication, Sahara.

“[Sahara is] Free-flowing and endlessly entertaining… an epic and intriguing story.”

- Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards


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A story of lust, greed, politics that spans through the age of the Clinton’s presidency and al-Qaeda, the plot spins to a volatile climax that sets the stage for the ultimate scandal in the White House.


Who Killed The Poet

Who Killed The Poet?

The poet becomes the witness of his own funeral. He is a revenant traveling from another world. The only mortals that seem to embrace him with a peculiar affection are the village clairvoyants. I compel you to engage in the ultimate quest to find the culprits responsible for the poet’s demise.

Mirror of Souls

Mirror of Souls

Throughout "Mirror of Souls", the theme is a quest for truth, a quest for freedom: freedom from our daily anguish, freedom from miseries, and from madness. Most importantly, I also offer insight on the role of the poet today and how the poet is viewed within society.

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Never a Champagne Toast

I walk into the room and it reeks like demons. There’s a chill in the air, the climate is heavy, dense with an invisible energy. I can tell that the devil has already preceded me. And I swear what’s with the Lemonade?! A bitter green slimy liquid nestling in a bowl?! Never a Champagne toast […]

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It’s a full moon over the horizon, the Party is losing control, proles are out running loose sipping lattes in hippie cafes and lounging by the Pacific Ocean with their gadgets running their own shows. A kick from a strange virus was just the catalyst for the proles to disrupt the system, an awakening moment […]

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