Never a Champagne Toast
Posted by angellaricot on January 7, 2024 in Uncategorized

I walk into the room and it reeks like demons. 
There's a chill in the air, the climate is heavy, 
dense with an invisible energy. I can tell that 
the devil has already preceded me. 

And I swear what's with the Lemonade?! A 
bitter green slimy liquid nestling in a bowl?! 
Never a Champagne toast to your success?! 
Always the funky Lemonade?! Sour like hell?! 

And if it could be any more malodorous and 
unpalatable? The acidity mixed with the putrid 
color would be enough to send any soul writhe 
on the floor with convulsion. 

And yet the witches with a wicked smirk gather 
by the table, a ladle in hand ready to pour and
pour in my glass, my cup brimming with venom, 
and ready to pour and pour in my cup. 

From the Ink Noir collection ⚫️🔏
A Butterfly Gotta Fly
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